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Works on cleaning of streets of snow will be conducted all night long

During the rush hour, from 18 to 19 hours, the intensity of cleaning will be reduced, so as not to create additional difficulties when driving. Then the formed columns will continue to work as usual.

For the last hour, at 18-00 hours, cleared the streets of Russian, Gorky, Novomekhanicheskaya, Mechanical, Artillery, Elektrostal, socialist, Mira, Zhukov, Bogdan Khmelnitsky (Small), Vinnitsa, Cherkasy, 32 anniversary of October , 50 years of the Komsomol, Rumyantsev, 60 years of October, bakery, North beam, Bogdan Khmelnitsky, World. For many of them the technique was held for the second time.

Carried out processing of deicing materials streets Voroshilova, 40 years of Victory, 2-ya Paveletskaya, and the beam.

The equipment will work around the clock. 15 routes have been formed to clean the streets and process them from the ice. In addition, in the first place, dangerous areas, where he formed the shafts interfere with the review and create an emergency situation, the snow will begin to export to the landfill.