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In Chelyabinsk launched an online service for consumers of thermal energy

JSC "USTEK-Chelyabinsk" has launched a modern online service for individuals — "Personal account for residents of apartment and residential buildings."

Financing of the national project "Safe and high-quality roads": all subjects signed agreements with Rosavtodor

In 83 Russian regions that have become participants of the national project "Safe and high-quality roads", the work on the conclusion of so-called "monetary" agreements with Rosavtodor on the provision of inter-budget transfers has been completed.

Residents of Chelyabinsk are invited to participate in the all-Russian competition "Volunteer of Russia»

The project is being implemented for the ninth time. The winners will receive up to two million rubles for the implementation of projects, a grant for training and the opportunity to replicate their project at the Federal level. The winners will be announced on December 5 at the International forum of volunteers.

In Chelyabinsk, summed up the photo contest "Selfie in the theater"

In Chelyabinsk ended the photo contest "Selfie in the theater." The organizers summed up the results of the project and determined the winners.

In Chelyabinsk will open the Ural exhibition of scientific and technical creativity of youth

On April 9, the opening ceremony of the XIV Ural exhibition of scientific and technical creativity of youth "Eurasian gates of Russia-a Step into the future"will be held at the South Ural state University.

Chelyabinsk residents are reminded of the rules of fire safety

In connection with the onset of warm dry weather and in order to ensure fire safety in forests and green areas, the Department for ensuring the safety of life of the population informs citizens about the need to comply with simple rules.

In Chelyabinsk summed up the regional stage of the all-Russian competition "Teacher of the year - 2019»

Today, April 5, at the Palace of pioneers and schoolchildren held a solemn ceremony of summing up the regional stage of the all-Russian competition "Teacher of the year of Russia – 2019". In the fall of Chelyabinsk oblast at the Federal level will be Elena Ignatova, a mathematics teacher from the city of Satka.

In Chelyabinsk, a new stop

On Timiryazev street in the area of Theater square in the direction of movement to the street thieves organized stopping point "Theater square".

Miss and Mr. SUSU-2019: final

Today, April 5, the Congress hall "World Trade Centre" will host the final of a unique student project, 22 participants – charismatic, talented and unique students of South Ural state University will compete for the victory.

Residents are reminded of the beginning of the activity of ticks

Chelyabinsk region is an endemic area of tick-borne viral encephalitis. Of the 25 most common diseases transmitted by ticks, 12 are dangerous to human health. Last year in Chelyabinsk 4057 were attacked by ticks, 887 of them — children.

Entrepreneurs are invited to the seminar "What entrepreneurs need to know about outdoor advertising"

On April 11, the Committee for the development of entrepreneurship, work with small and medium-sized businesses of the South Ural chamber of Commerce and industry will hold a free seminar "What entrepreneurs need to know about outdoor advertising". The event will take place from 14-00 to 17-00 in SUCCI at: ulitsa Soni Krivoy, 56, 6th floor, room 606.

Public services portal: safety and quality

In order to prevent attackers from gaining access to personal data, the Portal provides the user with various opportunities to improve the level of protection of the profile.

In Chelyabinsk eliminated illegal Parking

Illegal Parking liquidated today, on April 4, on victory Avenue. The object not only threatened safety and prevented pedestrians, but also caused considerable damage to the municipality.

Chelyabinsk road workers clear the streets of snow

In connection with snowfall patching of dangerous sites of roads is suspended. All forces are thrown on cleaning and snow removal.

In dentistry №1 will repair the surgical Department

In Chelyabinsk dental clinic №1 in the near future will begin the repair of the surgical unit, as well as the introduction of quality management of medical care to residents.

In Chelyabinsk started the contest of creative works "Azbukivedi"

Until may 24, in Chelyabinsk there will be an open competition of creative works "Azbukoi". Crafts and application for participation should be brought or sent to the "Center for cultural and information activities" at ul. Elkina, 45. Contest materials are accepted until may 13.

Entrepreneurs are invited to the seminar

April 4 in the city Administration held a seminar — workshop on "Organizational pathologies and managerial mistakes. Their impact on business results". Owners and entrepreneurs, first persons and heads of departments of companies, employees of companies wishing to improve personal efficiency are invited to participate.

In Chelyabinsk discussed the development of the Institute of voluntary national teams

Last week, on March 29, representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the city of Chelyabinsk, local governments, leaders and members of public associations of law enforcement, commanders of national teams took part in a round table on the topic: "the Basics of attracting citizens to the protection of public order."

Chelyabinsk region took the third place in Russia among the participants of the trial Internet census

This was reported last week at a meeting of the Commission on the development of the information society and the formation of the electronic government of the Chelyabinsk region by the head of the Territorial body of the Federal state statistics service for the Chelyabinsk region Olga Loseva.