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Chelyabinsk became a part of Total travel-2019

Last weekend in Chelyabinsk arrived cars Total dictation, making the run from Vladivostok to Tallinn. Linguists, experts and writers conducted a survey of residents in the Central Park of culture and rest named after Yuri Gagarin, gave them gifts and told interesting stories about the Russian language.

Students of the Chelyabinsk school won medals of the world summer games of the Special Olympics

From 8 to 22 March, the world summer games of the Special Olympics were held in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). The games were attended by more than 7 thousand athletes from 190 countries, who competed in 24 sports. The Russian team was represented by 154 athletes from 27 regions of our country.

Chelyabinsk will host the anniversary fashion festival " Dress of the city»

March 26 at the Opera and ballet Theatre. Glinka will host the XX fashion Festival "Dress of the city-2019", dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the image club"Svetlana". The annual fashion competition will be held in Chelyabinsk for the 20th time.

In Chelyabinsk was awarded the best workers in the field of consumer services

Last week in city Administration the solemn event devoted to celebration of day of the worker of consumer services of the population took place. It was attended by almost fifty guests of honor. These are honored workers in the sphere of consumer services and representatives of well-known companies in the market of services of our city.

Analog versions of TV Center and Russia Culture channels will be marked with the letter " A»

If in the corner of the TV screen next to the logo of the TV channel the viewer sees the letter "A", it means that he is the owner of an analog TV of the last generation, or uses a new TV, not switched to the digital signal reception mode.

In Chelyabinsk starts vaccination campaign against tick-borne encephalitis

Chelyabinsk region is an endemic area of tick-borne viral encephalitis. Of the 25 most common diseases transmitted by ticks, 12 are dangerous to human health. According to the head of the Department of health Natalia Gorlova, municipal institutions are ready to start vaccinating the population.

South Ural gas companies are ready to passage of the flood

Specialists of the companies "Gazprom gas distribution Chelyabinsk" and "Chelyabinsk" prepared gas distribution network to work during the flood.

Attention residents!

Currently, the city is campaigning, inviting residents to take part in the rally on March 31 on the Scarlet field. The venue of the rally by the city Administration is not consistent.

Fifteen Chelyabinsk women received the title "her Majesty-a Woman"

In Chelyabinsk today, March 21, honored the winners of the eighth contest " her Majesty-a Woman." Head of the city Vladimir Elistratov came to congratulate the finalists.

In Chelyabinsk hosted the "Champions Ball"

For more than 20 years, the capital of the southern Urals hosts a gala evening "Champions Ball", in which the best athletes of the city are honored. Here and today, on March 21, the Head of Chelyabinsk Vladimir Elistratov congratulated and awarded those who reached new heights and achievements.

Schoolgirl from Chelyabinsk became the winner of the regional competition "Student of the year"

Today, March 21, the region summed up the results of the regional stage of the contest "Student of the year". The winner of the test was the eleventh-grader gymnasium № 26 city of Chelyabinsk Anastasia Kaganovich.

Congratulation of the mayor of Vladimir Elistratov with the holiday of Navruz

Dear Chelyabinsk! I congratulate you on the spring holiday Navruz. It symbolizes the beginning of the new year on the solar calendar, represents the awakening of nature, the harmony of man and the world.

Digital television is replacing analog television

In Chelyabinsk, the transition to digital television continues. In all localities 10 programs of RTRS-1 digital TV channels package (first multiplex) are available in excellent quality: "channel One", "Russia 1", "Match TV", NTV, "Petersburg-5 channel" "Russia K", "Russia 24", "Carousel", "Public television of Russia", "TV Center", as well as three radio channels: "Vesti FM", "Mayak"and" Radio of Russia".

By the day of fight against tuberculosis in Chelyabinsk will be open Days in medical organizations

Every year, on March 24, the problem of tuberculosis control attracts the attention of all doctors in the world. As part of the memorable date in Chelyabinsk, everyone will be able to freely do fluorography in medical organizations in the region.

Three-meter portrait of puppet theater artists will present on the opening day "through the looking glass"

Tomorrow, March 21 is the international day of the puppeteer starts in Chelyabinsk large-scale cultural project #Teamcreated. The first event will be the presentation of the exhibition "Theatrical looking-glass", located on the main site of the project – in the Exhibition hall of the Union of artists.

Chelyabinsk is preparing to meet the Total rally "Vladivostok-Tallinn"

This Sunday, March 24, a convoy of Total dictation will arrive in Chelyabinsk. Together with her, philologists and writers will come to the city, who will collect material for a book about Russia and a Total journey, and hold popular science lectures.

Cessation of traffic in the Central region

In connection with the construction of sports and recreation complex from March 21 to December 31, traffic will be stopped within the streets of Vasenko and Marx on the road from Marx street to house number 153 on the street of Labor.

Chelyabinsk residents are invited to take part in business meetings

In order to expand trade, economic and cultural ties, establish mutually beneficial contacts and exchange experience, the Chelyabinsk Committee of Economics informs the city organizations about the possibility of participating in the events held in 2019 within the framework of international and interregional cooperation.

In Chelyabinsk completed the season of yard hockey

On March 15 works of MBU "Sports city" on filling and service of hockey courts in connection with change of weather conditions are stopped. "Ice campaign" 2018-2019 on the organization of outdoor skating rinks was successful. As a result, residents of Chelyabinsk received 77 free sports grounds.

In Chelyabinsk dismantled more than 200 illegal signs

Since the moment, as instructed by the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky and the Head of the city Vladimir Elistratov, in Chelyabinsk began dismantling of advertising structures that do not correspond to the accepted design code, from the facades of houses the municipal service removed more than 200 signs.