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All-Russian Agricultural Census of 2016

From 1 July to 15 August 2016 in Russia will take place agricultural census. Right now there is a preparation conducting for this very important event in Russia.

As part of the census, will be embraced all agriculture of the city from large organizations and farmings to private farm holdings, dacha’s owners and gardeners.

“The agricultural census will be conducted the second time next year. First time it was conducted in Russia in 2006, - said the Chelyabinskstat Deputy Director Olga Loseva. – This event is conducting in order to receive the information about the agricultural status at large. The information will help to get the full idea of the municipal education and compare the data with other countries of the world”.

News All-Russian Agricultural Census-2016:

Agricultural census in a web format

Start of VSHP is marked by the stock "Corporate Donorship"

The VSHP hot line is opened

The All-Russian agricultural census starts

Copyists begin preliminary round

The best operators on reproduction of herd are marked out by Chelyabinskstat's awards

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry has adopted an appeal to agrarians

The Chelyabinskstat has admonished the construction brigade of YuUrGAU (South-Ural State Agrarian University) mechanizers

The training of census takers is the key to success of agricultural census

Rewards to YuUrGAU students – the activists of the (ARAC) All-Russian Agricultural Census-2016

Advertizing campaign of the ARAC-2016 has been launched

The blanks for the agricultural census has been delivered to Chelyabinskstat

The best specialists for agriculture are being prepared in Argayash agrarian college

Top level staff of Rosstat has highly appreciated the readiness of the Chelyabinsk region to conduct the ARAC

There is an active preparation for the ARAC-2016, under way

Agricultural census of 1916 in the territory of the Chelyabinsk region

The spring day will feed you for a year and the summer one will crunch numbers

The agricultural census stands a good chance to settle into orbit

The districts essay and drawing competitions devoted to the ARAC-20016 have ended

The agricultural census by the eyes of children

Chelyabinsk is getting ready for the census

A regular meeting of the city commission on the preparation and holding of the All-Russian Agricultural Census has been held

Chelyabinskstat is announcing personnel recruitment for agricultural census

Media center All-Russian Agricultural Census-2016 is announcing chastushkas’ competitionк

The preparation to the All-Russian agricultural census

Agricultural census of 2016 will embrace more than 300 thousands of region’s objects

Rosstat is conducting trivia “Census trues”

The journalist competition “ Portrait of rural Russia” is starting on 1 November

The agricultural census objects lists are made actual in the region

Chelyabinsk is preparing for the All-Russian agricultural census