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The prosecutor of Chelyabinsk explains

Legislation’s explanation on issues of licensing of the apartment block management activity

By Federal Law of 01.12.2014 № 419-FL amendments have been introduced to the Federal Law of 24.11.1995 N 181-FL “On the social protection of disabled persons in the Russian Federation”

Information on the selection of candidates for the applicants

Rendering services in burial by specialized service concerning funeral business

All-house needs for utilities on power supply, cold and hot water supply at a way of management – managing organization

Legislation explanation concerning responsibility of natural persons for credit frauds

Production forbidden to import to the territory to the Russian Federation is liable to immediate withdrawal and destruction after registration of the act (protocol) on the withdrawal fact since August 6, 2015

Practice of the termination of criminal cases according to Art. 264 of the criminal code of Russian Federation in connection with reconciliation of the parties

Recognition of the property right to a real estate object owing to acquisitive prescription

The bases of attraction to administrative responsibility for offenses in the sphere corruption counteraction

Order of purpose of autotechnical expertizes on the facts of road accidents as a result of which injuries are caused to victims

Legislation explanation on the subject "Order of Carrying Out Planned and Unscheduled Inspections of Subjects of Business"

The rights and duties of the victims in criminal trial

Responsibility for illegal demolition of green plantings

Legislation explanation on a subject: "The responsibility provided for illegal gambling activity"

Legislation explanation concerning activity of "financial pyramids".

Legislation explanations

Explanation of provisions of the federal legislation on fee in housing sector

Explanation of the legislation on counteraction to extremism

All-Russian reception of citizens will take place on December 12, 2013 in prosecutor's office of Chelyabinsk

The resolution No. 756 on carrying out an experiment in 2013-2015

In the public prosecution office of the city criminal cases, as well as appeals of citizens on the protection of the rights of investors in the housing market are under constant control

The right of the prosecutor for an appeal to the court as Art. 45 of GPK Russian Federation

System of a ban and the restrictions set for public servants

Order of execution by the organizations of the requirements containing in the judicial acts and acts issued by other bodies

Implementation of supervisory activities in compliance with the legislation on the state cadastral registration of real estate and cadastre activity of cadastral engineers

The right to receive child benefit in the Chelyabinsk region

The responsibility of parents, legal representatives for failure or improper performance of duties under the aliment, education, training, protection of the rights and interests of under-aged

Features of provision of land plots to families with a disabled child

Features of recalculation of utilities payments in case of providing them with breaks

Providing vouchers for health redort treatment of disabled

Strengthening of criminal liability for corruption offenses

Judicial fine

Changes in the Federal Law 44-FZ "On contract system in the procurement of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs" in terms of termination of the contract

Possibility of applying to the court by filing out documents in electronic form. Changes in the legislation.

Clarification of legislation "Impeding legal entrepreneurial or other activity"

Clarification of certain provisions of the Federal law "On the organization of regular transportation of passengers and luggage by motor vehicles and urban land-electric vehicles in the Russian Federation and on introduction of amendments to certain legis

Criminal liability for extortion (art.163 of the Russian Criminal Code)

What is personal data and how to protect it?

Guarantees and workers' compensation for dismissal due to reduction of personnel and liquidation of the company

Clarification of legislation on the admission of registration and permit of appeals, reports and other information on crimes and incidents in the Russian law-enforcement bodies"