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Anti-corruption education of citizens

Anti-corruption education of citizens

For the control of corruption in Russia special anti-corruption education programs are being approved.    

The Program for anti-corruption education for 2014-2016, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation decree dated May 14, 2014 № 816-p includes measures aimed at "increasing the level of legal awareness of citizens and the promotion of anti-corruption standards of behaviour."

I explain that the concept of corruption reveals the Federal Law under the date of December 25, 2008 № 273-FZ "On Combating Corruption".

According to the law, corruption is the malpractice, active bribery, bribe-taking, abuse of power, commercial bribery or other illegal use of the official position by an individual contrary to the legitimate interests of society and the state in order to obtain benefits in the form of money, valuables, other property or monetized services, other property rights for themselves or for third parties, or illegal provision of such benefits by the mentioned person by other individuals.

 The corruption offenses may include all violations of the law in the area of state and municipal service careers.

For corruption offenses citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens and stateless persons  take criminal, administrative, civil and disciplinary responsibility in accordance with regulation of the Russian Federation.

Prevention of corruption is carried out by applying the following basic measures:

- the formation of social intolerance for corrupt behavior;

- anti-corruption expertise of legal acts and their projects;

 - presentation in the manner prescribed by the law of the qualification requirements for citizens applying for the replacement of the state or municipal posts and state or municipal service, as well as checking in the prescribed manner the information submitted by above-mentioned citizens;

- establishing as grounds for exemption from the displaced post and (or) the dismissal of a person who accepted the position of the state or municipal service, included in the scroll established by normative legal acts of the Russian Federation, from the displaced post of state or municipal service or for imposition of sanctions towards them of legal responsibility of the failure to provide information or submission of deliberately false or incomplete information about their income, expenses, assets and liabilities of a material nature, as well as presenting false information about income, expenses, assets and liabilities of material nature of their spouse (wife) and minor children;

 - development of institutions of public and parliamentary control over the observance of the legislation of the Russian Federation on combating corruption.

Any citizen has the right to submit an appeal on combating corruption to law enforcement agencies, including the prosecution agencies.

In accordance with the requirements of the article 7 of the Federal Law dated 02.05.2006 no. 59-FZ "Requirements for written appeals or addresses" a written appeal or an address from a citizen must include the name of the state or local government body to which it is addressed, or the last name, first name and patronymic of the official to whom it is sent, and also the sender’s own last name, name, and patronymic (if they have one), and the postal address to which the reply or notification of redirection are to be sent. In a written appeal citizens shall set out the substance of their proposals, statements or complaints, and put their signature and the date.

If necessary, citizens can attach to their written appeal or address supporting documents or materials, or their copies. An appeal can be of a corporate manner, in this case it must be signed by all the citizens, and at least some of the signatures must be placed on the sheet where the text of an appeal ends.



Senior Assistant of the city prosecutor


junior counselor of justice E.Yu.Blinovskih