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Information on the selection of candidates for the applicants

Information on the selection of candidates for the applicants

The Prosecutor's Office of the Chelyabinsk region holds a competitive selection of candidates for the applicants to the Institute of Public Prosecutor of the Ural State Law University for the academic year 2016/2017 in the direction of preparation 40.03.01 "Jurisprudence" (degree) - "bachelor".

Full-time form of education. Duration of training is 4 years. Basis training: budget places.

Ural State Law University is located at: 620137, Yekaterinburg, str. Komsomolskaya, 21, rector Bublik Vladimir Alexandrovich, a professor. Recruiting Commission: 620137. Yekaterinburg, Komsomolskaya street, 21, k. 109, tel / fax (343) 374-40-33.

The applicant must apply to the prosecutor's office of the city, according to the place of residence.

Target areas are not issued to persons who do not meet the requirements established by part 2 of art. 40.1 of the Federal Law "On Prosecutor's Office", in particular:

- having the citizenship of a foreign state;

- recognized incapable or partially capable by court decision;

- having a criminal record;

- having the disease, preventing the enlist in the service in the organs and institutions of the prosecutor's office and the execution of official duties of public prosecutor's workers.

Selection of candidates for education in targeted areas of the prosecution authorities consists of two phases:

1. Pre-selection, during which the candidate must apply to the prosecutor's office in the city or the area according to the place of residence, with copies of necessary documents for the interview.

Contact information for the prosecutor's offices and the documents to be submitted are available on the official website of the regional prosecutor's office.

2. Competitive selection is carried out by the personnel department of regional prosecutor's office, consisting of the study of the documents submitted and psychodiagnostic testing of candidates.

Deadline for the competition: 08.02.2016- 31.03.2016.


City prosecutor

Senior Counsellor of Justice R.V.Samoylov