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The resolution No. 756 on carrying out an experiment in 2013-2015

The government of the Russian Federation of 31.08.2013 the Resolution No. 756 on carrying out in 2013-2015 of experiment on training of young women aged till 23 years having one and more children on preparatory offices of the federal state educational organizations of the higher education is accepted and the Provision on carrying out this experiment is approved.

Experiment will allow young mothers for the purpose of receipt in higher educational institutions qualitatively to be prepared for training according to programs of the higher education, by training on preparatory offices of the federal state educational organizations of the higher education, including with application of remote educational technologies and electronic training.

According to Situation on preparatory offices women to whom as of October 01 of the current year no more than 23 years were executed will be accepted. Training of young mothers within experiment will be carried out at the expense of means of budgetary appropriations of the federal budget. To the young women who are trained on preparatory offices on full-time tuition payment of a grant is provided.

The educational organizations have to publish on the official sites information on participation in experiment with the indication of a quota. Reception on training is carried out on the basis of the personal statement of the young woman, the certificate for the secondary general education and the birth certificate of the child.


Senior assistant prosecutor of the city

junior adviser of justice T.Y. Zvonareva