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Chelyabinsk - seventh on the number of inhabitants, 14th on the footprint city-millionaire Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk oblast, administrative center of the prefecture with the interurban Division. It has a population of 1 191 994 people (2016). Chelyabinsk is located on a geological border between the Urals and Siberia, on the eastern slope of the Ural mountains, on both banks of the Iset River flows-River Miass.

Chelyabinsk is located almost in the center of the continent of Eurasia (1400 km from the geographical center), East of the Ural mountains, 200 km south of Yekaterinburg. Height above sea level is OK. 200-250 m. Geological location — the western part — Ural (granite), the eastern part of Western Siberia (sedimentary rocks), thus the city is located on the edge of the Urals and Siberia, and has an informal title of honor "gateway to Siberia.